Pool Management

We leave no stone unturned to help your backyard reach its full potential.
Book your Pool Maintenance with us before the rush starts!
On Demand: We offer a Single Maintenance Visit, Weekly or Monthly Visits


Pool Maintenance

Our service technicians are available for one-day or multi-day contracts. They are there for you 24/7 and have the resource to make fast repairs.


Pool Construction

As a full-service company, our construction is done in-house. From design to completion, we take pride in creating new environments for families to enjoy.


Affordable Swimming Pool Designs

At Montina Pools, everything is done to give you freedom as a pool owner when it comes to residential or commercial pool services .

Our Pool Service Packages eliminate the need to ever buy pool chemicals, pool cleaning equipment or worry about scheduling a pool repair service at a moments notice. We offer regularly pool chemical services, pool cleaning services and pool repair services to homes.

  • Pumps, Filters & Chlorinators
  • Green Pool Cleans Or Regular Service
  • Plumbing Repairs & Fault Finding
  • Construction of pools from screatch (fibre glass or mobelite)
  • Renovations of any kind of pool (fibre glass or mobilite)
  • Remobelite of pools
  • Painting of fibre glass or mobelite pools
  • Once off cleaning of pools
  • Monthly maintenance services
  • Repair of pool leakages
  • Pumps and filters supply and installation
  • Pumps loose sunctions we do
  • Pool droping water level we do
  • Draining and acid wash of pool
  • Sand changes
  • Water features – Spout and Fountains
  • Monthly servicing of pools and pool equipment
  • Pump Fixing

Professional Pool Mantainance

We’re always working to exceed your expectations, and the level of professionalism.


Our Services

  • Premium Pool Chemical Service
  • Standard Pool Chemical Service
  • Conventional Pool Chemical Service
  • Weekley Full Cleaning
  • Brush/Basket/Filter
  • Once Per Month Backwash
  • Specialty Cleaning
  • Pre-season preparation

Recent Projects

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